Sunday, August 9, 2009 hurts!

I know it's been quite a while since I posted last but anyone who knows me, knows writing is a sort of therapy and more for my sanity than any thing else. I write when I am happy, proud, excited, mad and sad. I use my written words to thank people for all they do for my family and/or me or both. I write because sometimes things are easier for me to say in writing than face to face ( it's a lot easier to erase the written word than to take something back that may have been said in haste or out of anger.) Writing also allows me to tell those who mean the most to me, how much they mean to me without getting choked up or chickening out. There is one thing about my writing you can be sure of, however, it's that it comes straight from the heart and shot straight from the hip and that I have chosen my words to express exactly how I am feeling right then at that very moment. I may offend you, provoke you, sadden you or make you smile and usually whatever you feel when you finish reading my blog is exactly what I hoped for when I wrote it in the first place. This being said I can get into the short blog I got on here to post in the first place today. It goes something like this:

This week has been a very trying one for me and several in my life. I learned AGAIN first hand that love hurts! I learned that it is not always best to put yourself out care for someone or something the way you want them to care for you or someone you care about. It isn't always best to treat others as you would hope they would treat you or your loved ones. I learned that broken hearts CAN make you physically sick! I have learned that questions like who, what, when, where and especially why often go unanswered (or have no legitimate answers anyway). I have learned that each person acts differently to hurt and I am dealing with this too. Some are quiet, some loud, some cry, some shutdown, some curse and some of us, do a little of it all!! I just wanted to caution you all , love is great, love is kind BUT... love also sucks, love hurts and if you don't watch out, it might just sneak up and bite you on the butt. "THIS WEEK", LOVE... wasn't worth it!! Later, Lisa