Thursday, September 23, 2010


I know...I's been like forever since I have taken the time to blog but honestly, I have been very busy. Chelsea keeps me a hoppin' with all that she's involved in. Right now, she plays volleyball 2 days a week, flag corps with the band on Friday, and socializes literally from sun up to sun down. I really only get to see her probably a whole 20 to 30 minutes, if I am lucky, a day between all her activities, my working, her working and her homework... OH and did I mention.....her socializing??? Oh, I remember those 'ole days and how much fun they were. Why would I ever want to take that away from her? (because I know my time with her during her high school years is counting down way too fast)!

She ordered her senior ring last week, took her last "regular" yearbook pictures yesterday, and talks alot about college and the future. I want my baby back!! You know, those days when I couldn't shake her off my leg, use the restroom by myself, or carry on a conversation without interruptions!! I remember people always telling me to enjoy it because they grow up way to fast and thinking, I just want five minutes without hearing the word, "MOOOOOOMMMMM!" coming from my kids loud mouths!! Boy, what I wouldn't do to feel that important to them now!

As you all know, I actually have 2 children! ha! I blog alot about Chelsea now because eventhough I don't get to be as quote, "involved" in her life as I'd like, I do get to spend alot more time with her than I do Chance. He is in Abilene, living in his own place with 4 other guys (3 that he grew up with here in Childress). He doesn't have time to come home to see me, he doesn't have time to call, and honestly, I really feel like he doesn't have time at all for me. I know he doesn't feel that way, but to a mom who loves her son with all her heart, it sure feels like that often. There isn't a night when I go to bed without calling him. I do this for me, not him. I tell him it's not to be nosy or all in his business, I do it for my own peace of mind. I need to hear his voice. I need to know he's ok. And I need to hear him say, "I love you too mom!" Then I can close my eyes, say my prayers and thank the Lord for blessing me with 2 of the greatest blessing a person could ask kids!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Flip off Friday!!

My friend, Maria stole this great idea from another blogger's blog and now, I'm stealing it too!! Ha! You see, I guess we all have our moments as some would say! Funny how when things aren't going so good, you automatically think...only me!! But as Maria pointed out we all have times in our life when we would just really like to give something or someone the #1 sign or the middle finger as some might say! I laughed so hard at Maria's blog tonight! She is so funny without even trying to be! Thanks for the stress reliever, Maria!
Here are my Friday flip-offs!!
My first flip off goes to those people who think some athletes are just super and yet once again the "SUPERS" left my child to be the loyal, responsible, dedicated one who in the end, shows up when she's suppose to, works hard and usually gets overlooked for that "SUPER" athlete who is nothing but a total slacker who gets everything handed to them. Since my family has dealt with them for years now, you get the double- fisted, straight up in the air, flip off! This goes to the slacker and the promoter of said slackers!
A single, one handed behind my mother's back flip off goes to that woman at Braum's yesterday who thought she was gonna talk to me like I was the ugly stepchild! Needless to say, she got a piece of my mind when she brings out these fries on a tray and I nicely tell her that they were to go. She walks off mouthing ,loud enough for the whole restaurant to hear, something about "well, she says these were to go but that isn't what is on the ticket!" I didn't give her the finger then, she has my mom to thank for that, but I quickly informed her that no one had bothered to ask me if they were for here or to go!! So there, got your finger today!!
I, too, would like to flip off all this stinkin' rain! A little bit goes a long way and we are trying to get 13 senior girls league softball players ready to play state softball in Ft. Worth and can't practice in 5 inches (a little exaggerated maybe) of mud and just how are we suppose to have fundraisers in the rain??? This is not an angered flip-off just a frustrated one!! Not near as harsh! ha!
Maria says we have to also have positives in our blog, so here are my high-fives!
A super high-five to my husband who after seeing me so upset with the way this new adventure that Chelsea and I have gotten ourselves into went Tuesday, promised to help and ACTUALLY DID! :)
Chelsea gets her own Mom high-five for being such a super daughter who continues to make me proud of her decisions in life. She is such a hard worker who puts so much into all she does!
High-five to Chance for always remembering to tell me he loves me even when I am ranting and raving! :)
I also have a co-worker at the hotel who deserves a high-five this week for going above and beyond what was asked of him to help me get ready for my Scentsy party! Kuddos Rodney!

And Maria, you and your smart blogger friend, get a high-five for this great idea! I feel stress free at this very moment and honestly, that's a first for this week!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Luckiest Girl in the world!

Today for Father's Day, I sent my dad an email! I know it's Father's Day and you should "tell" your dad how much you love him! Well, I did. I bought a gift, went by, hugged him, told him I loved him and spent a little time with him before I had to go to work but you know...sometimes it's hard to communicate to someone who means sooo much to you how truly blessed you are by them without gettin' all choked up and ruining it all! Hence, the email! I could write it, cry all by myself, and still let him know how very much he means to me without "ruining" it all! After it was all written, sent and "surprisingly" notice by Chelsea when she was helping him with his facebook, I thought I would share it with my blogging buddies! I wish I had a nickel for everytime someone complimented me on my dad or told me how very lucky I was to have him for a dad and granddad for my kids! I would be wealthy! So, for the many of you out there who think I take him for granted, read on!! I love my dad and try to tell him often how very much he means to me but know that no matter how many times I tell him it could never repay him for the unconditional love that he gives to so many, including his sometimes ungrateful daughter! I am the Luckiest Girl in the World because I am the daughter to the greatest man I have ever known!
Dad, wish I could find the words to tell you how very blessed I am to call you my DADDY! You have more integrity than anyone I know! I pray that I got all of your great qualities..honesty, hard-working, family-oriented, loving, and loyal. You have made an impression on more people than you will ever know! I could think of no better man to be a role model for my children and I hope that my children know how very blessed they are to have had such a remarkable man to be their Granddad! You need to know that if anyone ever asked me if I was ever loved, truly loved (faults and all), I can honestly and whole-heartedly say, "yes, my dad loves me and tells me often how very special I am and he always has thru the good times and the bad, and THAT is the greatest gift he could have ever given me!" I pray that I can be the kind of parent you have always been to me because I think that is the greatest gift I can give back to love someone, your grandchildren, so fully and without reservations, as much as you have loved me!
Oh, and to love you back with every once of being that I am!! (That's the easy one!) Happy Father's Day, Daddy! I love, love, love you! Lisa :)
p.s. see how sweet he looks with my mom in this picture!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Chelsea and her teammates are headed to Seminole, Tx. to play for the Area Championship in softball! These LadyCats play well together and I honestly believe they have a shot at going in and bringing home the trophy this weekend. Of course, their competitor is suppose to be really good too but like I told the coach today, on any given day, any team can be beaten so . . .it may be interesting to see who wants this the most. I, of course, can not speak for all of these young ladies but I can speak for one, my daughter. She never ceases to amaze me with her determination, will, and love for the game of softball. She has taken the opportunity to participate as a member of this team and has run with it. She has continued to cheer on her teammates, to giggle, and smile in spite of the fact that she hasn't been allowed to contribute fully the way we know she can and the way that she would like to. You see, she is the designated player and plays only on the offensive side of the ballgame, which means she bats in place of someone else who plays in the field. She has played softball her whole life, loves the game more than anything else in this world, and has been a little deflated by the idea of only batting and not getting to help out her teammates on defense. I am very proud of the way she has handled this situation! She is often more mature and grown up about things than I ever expect her to be, and often a better person, than I ever could be. She still believes in trusting people and in taking someone for their word while I can only sit back and hope that she doesn't get burnt by the very people she wants to believe in more than anyone else. For now though, I know she will try and do her very best not for just her, but for her teammates, her coach, her family and for me!
Best of luck this weekend! Swing level, swing hard! Hands down, and follow thru but most of all....HAVE FUN AND BE U! :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Chelsea has begun making plans for her 1st "real" Valentine's Day. She has been working really hard trying to make sure that her special someone has a Happy Valentine's Day and I have to admit I have been having a really good time helping her. You know, to be 16 and excited about sharing the day of Love with someone who you think you could never live without, someone who makes you laugh, who makes you smile, and who you want to stay on the phone with all night, awww...those were the days! :) And so very innocent!
Skip forward to being someone of my age and love is something totally (ok, not totally! LOL)different. I have been thinking alot about what love means to me today. Hence, my post today...


LOVE IS....The smile on Chance and Chelsea's face that always melts my heart.
LOVE IS....The "I Love You" and kiss CC gives me on his way to work.
LOVE IS....Dad always checking to make sure Sis is ok. (One of his names for me.)
LOVE IS....Having lunch waiting on me every school day prepared by mom & shared with Mark.
LOVE IS....Sharing laughs and tears with my children, family and dear friends.
LOVE IS....Butterflies in the pit of my stomach because my kids make me swell with pride.
LOVE IS....The excited barking my dog does to greet me everyday.
LOVE IS....Being able to crawl behind the wheel of my car and take off because CC scrapped ice.
LOVE IS....11 p.m phone conversations w/Chance, eventhough they don't last long!
LOVE IS....Being able to act crazy around Chels and her friends and them liking me anyway. :)
LOVE IS....Other kids calling me mom, telling me good morning, or promising to marry me someday! (yes, it is true!)
And last thought tonight but definitely not the least one,
LOVE IS....God's forgiveness for every wrong I have committed.

I could probably go on and on with this post. I am so very blessed and so very lucky to be loved by some very special people in my life. I regret ever letting a minute go by without telling them how much they mean to me or how they have enriched my life. To my children, you are my life and there is not a day go by that I do not thank the Lord for allowing me to be your mom. To CC, I wouldn't ever want to do this love thing with anyone else. To my mom and dad, you have made me who I am and given me the biggest shoes to fill by the example you have been. To my friends, thanks for sharing the good and bad with me and to God, you are amazing! Thank you for everything!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lesson Learned

This post - short and sweet.

Lessons learned:

1.) To DO and DO, gets you DO-DO!

2.) Your children ARE stepping stones for someone (actually lots of someones!)

3.) Everyone is NOT treated equally regardless of how many times you hear otherwise!

4.) You should always ask what you can do for someone else, cause they are waiting for you to.

5.) Lots of times, it's not the good, the bad and the ugly....because the BAD always win!