Thursday, September 23, 2010


I know...I's been like forever since I have taken the time to blog but honestly, I have been very busy. Chelsea keeps me a hoppin' with all that she's involved in. Right now, she plays volleyball 2 days a week, flag corps with the band on Friday, and socializes literally from sun up to sun down. I really only get to see her probably a whole 20 to 30 minutes, if I am lucky, a day between all her activities, my working, her working and her homework... OH and did I mention.....her socializing??? Oh, I remember those 'ole days and how much fun they were. Why would I ever want to take that away from her? (because I know my time with her during her high school years is counting down way too fast)!

She ordered her senior ring last week, took her last "regular" yearbook pictures yesterday, and talks alot about college and the future. I want my baby back!! You know, those days when I couldn't shake her off my leg, use the restroom by myself, or carry on a conversation without interruptions!! I remember people always telling me to enjoy it because they grow up way to fast and thinking, I just want five minutes without hearing the word, "MOOOOOOMMMMM!" coming from my kids loud mouths!! Boy, what I wouldn't do to feel that important to them now!

As you all know, I actually have 2 children! ha! I blog alot about Chelsea now because eventhough I don't get to be as quote, "involved" in her life as I'd like, I do get to spend alot more time with her than I do Chance. He is in Abilene, living in his own place with 4 other guys (3 that he grew up with here in Childress). He doesn't have time to come home to see me, he doesn't have time to call, and honestly, I really feel like he doesn't have time at all for me. I know he doesn't feel that way, but to a mom who loves her son with all her heart, it sure feels like that often. There isn't a night when I go to bed without calling him. I do this for me, not him. I tell him it's not to be nosy or all in his business, I do it for my own peace of mind. I need to hear his voice. I need to know he's ok. And I need to hear him say, "I love you too mom!" Then I can close my eyes, say my prayers and thank the Lord for blessing me with 2 of the greatest blessing a person could ask kids!!