Thursday, April 30, 2009

The rules are:
1. Mention the person that tagged you.
2. Complete the lists of 8's.
3. Tag 8 other bloggers.
4. Tell them that they have been tagged.

Thanks Debbie!!

Here are my eights!

8 Things I Look Forward To
1. Seeing my children have successful lives
2. Softball playoffs!
3. Summer
4. Grandchildren (not now of course!)
5. Weekend girls trip with Chels, her friend, and Mom
6. Chelsea's high school graduation
7. Both kids college graduation
8. Both kids weddings *(should have listed this one before #4)!!!

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. Gave another TAKS oral test.
2. Worked at the hotel til 11 pm.
3. Waited up til almost midnight so I could put Chelsea's gym clothes in dryer.
4. Hoped there would not be a storm.
5. Hurt for all of the kids that swine flu decision affected.
6. Read several blogs.
7. Missed Chance!
8. Laughed til I almost wet my pants at Sharece's "DUDE" story!

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
1. Tuck Chance in bed like when he was little.
2. Not worry about paying for college.
3. Be as good to my parents as what they have been to me and my kids!
4. Explain to my kids a mother's love.
5. Forget my mistakes!
6. Watch Chelsea play in state softball tournament
7. Wiggle my nose and have a clean house.
8. Stop being so stressed all of the time.

8 Shows I Watch
1. Survivor
2. The Hills
3. Grey's Anatomy
4. One Tree Hill (I like this one too, Deb)
5. Bachelor (hopeless romantic)
6. New 90210
7. Private Practice
8. News

8 Bloggers That I Tagged (have fun ladies!)
Kim (I haven't seen your name on anyone else's list yet)

Everyone else, I tag you too!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Why is it that every time you do what you think is right, work your tail off, and think FINALLY, everything is gonna work out like it should, you get disappointed? How would you answer this? I will not go into any details so please don't ask but really I am looking for the right words and wisdom to help someone, including myself, understand why things don't always end up like we think and KNOW they should and please don't tell me everything happens for a reason, 'cuz right now, I DON'T WANT TO HEAR THAT!

Today is Sharece Prince's Birthday. I know most of the people in this town know her since she was "born and raised" here as they say but I wanted to do a top ten list about her anyway.

My top ten list about my friend....
1. She is a great mother.

2. Her granddaughters are soooo lucky!

3. She makes an amazing "adopted" mom to her daughters' significant others.

4. She works very hard.

5. Her life makes mine seem so less stressful! :)

6. She sacrifices many things for others.

7. She cares about each one of her "kids" in Jr. High and their success.

8. Her friendship is everlasting and unconditional.

9. She looks great (especially for her age) LOL!


10. I couldn't think of anyone else I would rather celebrate my birthday with than her!

She is this really amazing, wonderful, sensitive, caring, and loving daughter, sister, wife, mom, aunt, grandmother, and friend! Those of us who have the privilege of having her in our lives are very, very, blessed!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Senior Softball Monday!

As you can tell from the picture, this group of girls is all about having fun! Some of them I don't know a lot about except that it has been a blast to chase them not only in softball but also in other school activities. The two girls I don't know very well are Kaylie Ralston and Kasandra Cano. They are both beautiful young ladies that I wish I would have had gotten to know better.

The other 3 of these young ladies I know pretty well. They have been friends of my children for several years with one of them, Randa having literally grown up right in front of me.

Savanna Keys is a very talented young lady who has this infectious smile and a set of unbelievable dimples. She is outgoing and seems to get along well with just about anyone. I have yet to see a sport she didn't excel at. In order to do as well as she does, I know she has to be dedicated and work pretty darn hard. I am sure these characteristics will get her much success in the future.

Bre'Ann Cano, wow, what can I say? She is truly a delightful, beautiful young lady. I have watched her literally run with the wind, steal a basketball with a vengeance, and whack a volleyball so hard the whole gym vibrated. She is a joy to be around and has impacted my family in ways she may never know. We think she is one-of-a-kind and we will forever hold dear memories of times spent with her and cheering her on.

Randa Jeter...where do I begin? Randa first became a part of our family when she was 4. Yes, I said part of our family! Her mother, who I am happy to call one of my very best friends, worked out at the prison and Randa and her brother, Rance, would come to my house for daycare. At 4, Randa melted our hearts and at 17, she still does. She is respectful, kind, and beautiful inside and out. She is also very athletic, smart, sensitive, and ambitious! I consider her my own and would do anything for this young lady. She has been brought up in a single-parent household by a spitfire of a mother who has expected the best of her children and yet loved them beyond words. She has raised both Randa and her brother to be these two really amazing people who make a difference in so many people's lives. I wish I could find the words to do justice by this young lady! She will never fully understand how special she is to me and mine and how very blessed we are for having had the "PRIVILEGE" to be a part of her life! She is a ray of sunshine destined for great things!

God blesses those that bless others and I know for a fact that all 5 of these young ladies have blessed many people's lives with their positive attitudes and great personalities. I wish all of them the best of luck in their last home game but even more I wish them joy, happiness, success and many blessings in the years to come. It has been my pleasure, ladies! It has been my pleasure!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Teenagers can be so mean!

Teenagers can be so mean! They are mean to their "friends", enemies, parents, siblings, grandparents, teachers and pretty much anyone else they may come in contact with. I am often amazed at how mean they can truly be. Girls it seem are slightly more cut-throat, although boys are often the meanest to family members or at least from what I have seen.
This comes from personal experience. I have witnessed teammates being very ugly to each other especially when winning isn't the case. (I have also witnessed it when winning was happening.) Recently, a Lady Cat was struggling while playing a softball game and Chelsea was shocked at the way her own teammate talked to the struggling player after a ballgame. She came home very upset for her. Chelsea has been on the end of the wrath catching of her teammates in the past and I guess she felt really sorry for someone who is really not one of her friends, more so just a teammate.
I have tried to preach to both of my children how badly words can cut someone to the bone and I guess Chelsea realized it when she saw how hurt and upset the young lady on the receiving end was. I think teenagers get so wrapped up in their own little world that they forget that there are other people and other people's feelings that they should consider. If I had a nickel for every time my own children have hurt each other, my parents or me, I would be one wealthy soul! Chance, who thinks he's grown (and in most people's eyes, probably is grown) doesn't think he should have to answer to anyone. He thinks that when I call to say hi and see what he is doing, I'm meddling and usually ends up yelling his responses at me instead of talking to me. When I tell him there is no reason to yell, he claims he's not. He acts like I am such a bother to him at that very moment. I honestly am not being nosey. I just want to be a part of his life and make sure he's ok. I want to know when he's happy, make him better if he's sad, etc. but...I know most of you say it's your money that's sending him to school, blah, blah, blah. Have you walked in my shoes as a mother? It isn't easy!
Chelsea, on the other hand, can be so caring at times and then....I think she is more like me than Chance is. Guess that's why she can get to me! EEEWWW! I get so mad at her. She doesn't usually say anything but those looks she gives!!!! I know what she's thinking and that makes me just as angry with her. I have heard the way that she talks to or about other people, yes, my children are not perfect (neither am I), and her words can be very harsh. I try that speech about put yourself in their shoes, etc.. but just as adults, I think if you've heard it once, you've heard it a million times and often it doesn't sink in until you have burned bridges you can't ever rebuild no matter how hard you try or how badly you want to.
I know Chelsea will read this blog and I am hoping Chance will too. If they do I hope they get this far into the post. I would like for this to be a reminder to them both that words and actions hurt. I want them to know that no one, including mom, (which I know won't come as a surprise to them) is perfect. I know my words hurt too. I want them to know that my constant "in your business" action is not to annoy them, not because I don't trust them, but rather because I love them! I want others to know what wonderful young adults they are and can be. I want them to realize that sometimes, even if forgiven, hurtful things can't be forgotten especially if the person they are ugly to cares about them. Often people judge you the harshest by how you treat those you are suppose to care about and who care about you. Actions and words can cut to the bone, just remember that! And also remember that even if I may not like your actions sometimes, I will always love you!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


As many of you know, I have a 2nd job, one outside of the home and outside of the school. My husband also holds down 2 jobs and sometimes more than that with the little side jobs he does. I am responsible for a pretty good size business and am amazed at how many people in this world expect to be given something for free. No one seems to want to work for their pay and to be honest with you I am sick to death of it!! I am in charge of several employees and am amazed that they really think they can just LITERALLY show up and get paid! Don't get me wrong I do have some workers that do anything and everything I ask of them and I appreciate their dedication and try to tell them often how much I appreciate them but others.... They act as if I OWE them and should be thankful they even bothered to come! I have had to cover so many shifts lately for employees that for one reason or another can't come in when they are scheduled to be at work. I don't mind helping out if it is a legitimate reason but I also don't think I should be the only one willing to do so. My parents raised me believing that in order to ever have anything in life, you had to work for it but somewhere down the line, I think other parents have failed to teach that to their kids who are now adults! I am probably somewhat guilty of this myself but I hope with my own children I have led by example and that although I think there is a time to be a child, I also believe that there comes a day when you have to grow up and WORK for a living, not sit on your behind and wait for someone to give you something!! In order for someone to be GIVEN something, it must first be TAKEN for someone else!! I don't remember where exactly I heard that but it has stuck!!

Kids constantly give my children a hard time telling them, almost accusing them, of being RICH! Yeah, right!! Yes, we are blessed. We are rich in good health, wonderful family, lasting friendships, and good jobs but I am so tired of kids telling my children they are rich as in wealthy!! CC and I work very hard to provide for our family as do my parents, my children's grandparents! It often takes all of us! True, my children, thankfully, have nice clothes, vehicles, cell phones, etc.. but these are the things we provide for our kids by working. I look around and don't see that my children have any more really than most and believe me, there are many other things they would still like to have. My children have had things stolen from them that we have worked hard and saved up money for. I remember Chance having something of his taken by someone staying the night with him at my parent's house and when it was mentioned to that group of guys, one of the boys said after everyone swore they didn't take it and that Chance had to have lost it, I remember one of the boys saying what difference does it make if he lost it or whatever, you or Granddad will just go and get him another one.
?*!@#?! ...WHAT?

I have gotten so fed up with this attitude that I have told my own children to look at the person telling them that they are rich and ask themselves, "Do they dress as nice as I do, do they have the same things I do, and... do their parents work?" If their parents don't have jobs, then I tell my kids to tell them, "you are the RICH ones because your parents don't have to work to give you the nice things you have, but mine do!" I know that this is probably not the "Nice" thing to say but is harassing my children NICE? Is the constant grilling of them necessary? If you want your children to have what my children have, get a job! How 'bout 2 for that matter! Or teenagers get one yourself! After this weekend, I might even know of a place that could use a new employee or two. But don't come asking me for something for free because I still believe...NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE and I'm letting this post serve as the official notice that the Campbells are not wealthy just hard working!!!

AAAHHH! I feel so much better now!! Later, Lisa

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Well...She Did It!!

Yep, that's right!! Chelsea "B" got her a home run over the fence last night in Dimmitt!! YIPPEE! We were sooo excited for her. She has always been a good hitter but last night was the 1st time she has ever "PARKED" one! (Who cares if the fence wasn't quite as far as usual...I DON'T!) Ain't no one gonna take the air out of our bubble! I was yelling for the rafters, Granny was jumping up and down, and Chelsea's pearly-whites lit up the whole ball field. THIS IS her sport!! She likes volleyball and enjoys basketball and gives those sports her all when she plays them but there is just something about playing a sport you love that sends tingles down your spine and softball is her spine-tingler!!! Mine too for that matter!! LOL!
Her dad, Granddad, and brother all missed it!! That's the only disappointment of the whole ordeal! She told me to call Granddad, it was okay to call Dad, but don't call Chance!! She worships the ground that boy walks on and would do ANYTHING to make him as proud of her as she has been all of these years of him!! She wanted to be the one to tell him!! You should of heard her on the phone to him last night. (She had it on speaker phone. ) Their conversation went something like this: Chelsea: "Hey, Chance! Remember when I called you last week and told you I had hit a triple?" Chance: "yeah." Chelsea: "and remember you told me "yeah, well bet you can't hit a home run like your brother" and I said, "whatever!" well, guess what?" Chance: "You're lying, no way, your lying!" Chelsea: "I did Chance, I got one over the fence and in center field too!" Chance: "Really?, naw, you're lying!"Chelsea: "Ask mom. Huh, Mom! I hit it over the fence!" I say, "yep, she sure did!" then Chance:"That a way sissy, just like your brother! ..... I'm still better than you!" Chelsea: "We'll see! Your record was 7 home runs, right? I just need 6 more to tie!" Chance: "That was in one season. I had 10 for my career." Chelsea: "okay, 10! I still have the rest of this year and 3 more years to get 9 then!!" We all laughed, he told her good job and she beamed the rest of the way home...or at least til she fell to sleep!! LOL! Sibling rivalry...Gotta Love It!! And I'm one proud momma! Later, Lisa
(Oops! Chelsea tells me I wrote the wrong score on the ball. It was 23-6 us!)