Friday, March 27, 2009

The "Other" Parent!

Everyone seems to know my dad. He is outgoing, loud, opinionated but also, very loving, loyal, and smart. This blog , however, is not about my dad but rather this time it's about the other parent I have, MY MOM!

My mom is probably the best friend I have! As adults, she and I have traveled millions of miles and have spent endless hours together going to all sorts of ballgames, UIL competitions, and out of town birthday celebrations. She is always willing to be my co-pilot, co-conspirator, and right hand woman in all sorts of things I get myself into. She's cooked lunches for 15-20 of Chance's friends once a week all year last year, has baked an unlimited number of brownies, cupcakes, cookies, whatever my kids needed for classes, church lunches or fundraisers, bus rides, etc., and yet, never asks for anything in return. She is the world's best listener and gives genuine advice from the heart.

She has made sacrifices for my dad, my brother, me, and my children without being asked and probably more than we will ever realize. She is way stronger than we give her credit for and when she loves you, she LOVES you.

Most of you that know me know my brother Mark. This is where my mom is the most amazing woman in the world. Mark has lived at home his whole life, 42 years. My mom is his mom, his maid, his care-giver, and most importantly, his best friend. She has so much patience with him. Most of us grow up, get married, have children, then look forward to the day our teenagers leave home and come back to visit with families of their own, but Mom has been "MOM" and will be "MOM" to Mark his whole life. No romantic weekend getaways, no time by herself, no personal space and yet, you never hear her complain or question, "why me?". She has never been able to work outside of the home because of Mark, but the hours, love, and sacrifices she has put into being a mother to both Mark and I are unlimited. Her devotion to all of us has made me the mom I am. She has been the ultimate role model and if I can be just 1/2 the mom to my children (and 1/2 the grandmother to my grandchildren someday), that she has been then I will consider myself a success. Thanks MOM! You are amazing, loving, caring and the best Mother/Grandmother in the universe!! I owe you more than life itself and although I can never tell you enough, I RESPECT YOU, LOVE YOU AND AM HONORED TO CALL YOU MY MOM!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to You!

CC turned 40 today!
Happy Birthday!
Here are 40 things about him you may or may not know.

  1. played football and basketball in high school and baseball in the summer. (guess my kids get most of their athletic ability from him but I won't admit this very often!)
  2. met me while we were both attending WT.
  3. never gets up in the morning saying, "I don't want to go to work today!" (keep waiting for this one to rub off on me!)
  4. is gentle and so easy-going.
  5. keeps me balanced and under control (most of the time).
  6. works extremely hard holding down 2 jobs and has done this for years.
  7. makes friends easily.
  8. is honest and sincere.
  9. is extremely quiet--opposites really do attract! LOL!
  10. can fix just about anything that's broken.
  11. is so good to my brother, Mark.
  12. will help just about anyone who needs it.
  13. spends hours out at the pig pen with Chelsea's FFA pigs.
  14. cooks for me and brings me supper when I am working the evening shift at the hotel.
  15. has this amazing laugh that is very contagious.
  16. is a big fan of Texas Tech. (Mark thinks this is his ONLY fault!)
  17. is a better housekeeper than I ever thought of being.
  18. eats sunflower seeds by the gallons.
  19. would help my dad do anything if dad would only ask.
  20. has been an employee of TDCJ for 18 years.
  21. very rarely gets angry.
  22. shakes his head when he's disgusted with something.
  23. is still in really good shape (especially for a 40 yr. old)!
  24. has very little gray hair, you must look closely.
  25. wears pants only an inch larger than when I married him.
  26. loves me just the way I am!
  27. can grill a mean steak.
  28. has a working man's hands.
  29. drives me crazy but usually crazy in a good way.
  30. has a baby soft face.
  31. looks way younger than 40!
  32. is probably a better driver than I am (although I don't admit it to him!)
  33. looks darn good in tight jeans.
  34. makes me a better person.
  35. allows me the opportunity to chase our kids and go, go, go constantly.
  36. lights up a room with his smile.
  37. makes this world a better place.
  38. can work outside in the heat for hours and never complain that it's hot.
  39. melts like butter when Chelsea tells him she loves him.
  40. makes my heart skip a beat still after all of these years!
40 GREAT things about a GREAT guy!

Hope you have a GREAT birthday!


Finally, Chelsea got to play a softball game last night! WOOHOO! She played 1st base and went 1 for 2 at the plate, with 1 RBI. I was so proud of her. I have to admit, I was really nervous for her. She absolutely LOVES softball and couldn't wait until the season started and yesterday after practicing for a whole month, the big day was here. I just wanted, as all moms want for their children, for her to do well. I told her when I dropped her off at school yesterday morning to remember to just have fun. I think I didn't remind Chance enough to do that so I wanted to be sure and correct that with Chels. "Besides," I told her, "as long as you've waited to have a game and with us not knowing how many of the district teams have JV teams, this may be the only game you have!" (I most certainly hope not, of course!) The team lost 7-6 last night, playing only 3 innings, but boy, they gave them a run for their money!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Things I've Thought About This Week!

Here are some things I have thought about this week:
  1. Amy G.--her mother is very ill. She lost her father a year ago in February to cancer and now she is having to deal with this. Are my words comforting to her? Am I saying the right things? Am I being the kind of friend she needs right now? I want her to know that she is in my thoughts and prayers. Is there anything else I could be doing to make this time easier for her?
  2. My parents--Have I told them lately what they mean to me? Have I thanked God for them and their health? Will I ever be as good a parent/grandparent as they are?
  3. Chance--Is he working hard enough in school? Is he appreciative and making the most of the opportunities he is being given? Where will he be attending next fall and will we be able to afford to send him where he wishes to go?
  4. Chelsea--Will she ever get to play a softball game this season or will all JV games get cancelled? Will her knee stand up to the strains that athletics can put on it? Does she know how important she truly is to me?
  5. C.C.--Does he have to work as hard as he does? Do the kids and I ask too much of him? Does he know that I really do appreciate him and yes, after almost 20 years, still love him?
  6. Career--Is this where I am meant to be right here, right now? Will some of the changes being talked about for the future force me to change my mind about my job choices in the future? Will I make the right decision concerning my choices when the time comes or will I regret it?
  7. God--Have I thanked him enough for the many blessings he has blessed me with? Have I disappointed him or anyone else in my life?

Lots of questions, huh? A million and one things roaming around in this head full of air! LOL! Later, Lisa

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Not me Monday!

This is my first attempt at the NOT ME post but here goes!

I did not drive to watch the boys play basketball in Canyon eventhough I have no one playing on the team. Nope, NOT ME!

I did not scream and yell like a teenager the whole game and get frustrated with everyone else who was not being the loud fan that I was. NOT ME!

I did not turn right around after getting in on Friday night at 11:30ish and get up at 4:45 on Saturday morning to take Chelsea to the bus. Uh, uh NOT ME!

I, then, did not go home, take a shower and then drive to Wichita to watch the varsity girls, again not my child, play in a tournament in sub-zero temperatures. NOT ME!!

I did not stop in Vernon to see Chance, buy him groceries, and give him spending money only to find out he came home to Granny's on Sunday to get more. Surely not, NOT ME! (And NOT HIM either, right?!)

I did not sleep only 2 hrs. after getting in from Wichita before I had to go to work at the motel at 11 p.m. and work all night! NOT ME!

I did not think a customer was a total idiot to write L and R on two plastic cups and put his contacts in them and then think that the housekeepers would not throw them away. No way, NOT ME! OKay, yes me. I have to admit it. I did do that! What a dumb butt. ( He wants us to buy him new ones!)

I did not have fun doing this. Oh, yes I did! Later, Lisa

I did not notice after publishing this post that the day and date is wrong and not care! Nope, NOT ME!