Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to You!

CC turned 40 today!
Happy Birthday!
Here are 40 things about him you may or may not know.

  1. played football and basketball in high school and baseball in the summer. (guess my kids get most of their athletic ability from him but I won't admit this very often!)
  2. met me while we were both attending WT.
  3. never gets up in the morning saying, "I don't want to go to work today!" (keep waiting for this one to rub off on me!)
  4. is gentle and so easy-going.
  5. keeps me balanced and under control (most of the time).
  6. works extremely hard holding down 2 jobs and has done this for years.
  7. makes friends easily.
  8. is honest and sincere.
  9. is extremely quiet--opposites really do attract! LOL!
  10. can fix just about anything that's broken.
  11. is so good to my brother, Mark.
  12. will help just about anyone who needs it.
  13. spends hours out at the pig pen with Chelsea's FFA pigs.
  14. cooks for me and brings me supper when I am working the evening shift at the hotel.
  15. has this amazing laugh that is very contagious.
  16. is a big fan of Texas Tech. (Mark thinks this is his ONLY fault!)
  17. is a better housekeeper than I ever thought of being.
  18. eats sunflower seeds by the gallons.
  19. would help my dad do anything if dad would only ask.
  20. has been an employee of TDCJ for 18 years.
  21. very rarely gets angry.
  22. shakes his head when he's disgusted with something.
  23. is still in really good shape (especially for a 40 yr. old)!
  24. has very little gray hair, you must look closely.
  25. wears pants only an inch larger than when I married him.
  26. loves me just the way I am!
  27. can grill a mean steak.
  28. has a working man's hands.
  29. drives me crazy but usually crazy in a good way.
  30. has a baby soft face.
  31. looks way younger than 40!
  32. is probably a better driver than I am (although I don't admit it to him!)
  33. looks darn good in tight jeans.
  34. makes me a better person.
  35. allows me the opportunity to chase our kids and go, go, go constantly.
  36. lights up a room with his smile.
  37. makes this world a better place.
  38. can work outside in the heat for hours and never complain that it's hot.
  39. melts like butter when Chelsea tells him she loves him.
  40. makes my heart skip a beat still after all of these years!
40 GREAT things about a GREAT guy!

Hope you have a GREAT birthday!

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Deb ;) said...

Wow! What a tribute to need to make sure he reads this!