Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Things I've Thought About This Week!

Here are some things I have thought about this week:
  1. Amy G.--her mother is very ill. She lost her father a year ago in February to cancer and now she is having to deal with this. Are my words comforting to her? Am I saying the right things? Am I being the kind of friend she needs right now? I want her to know that she is in my thoughts and prayers. Is there anything else I could be doing to make this time easier for her?
  2. My parents--Have I told them lately what they mean to me? Have I thanked God for them and their health? Will I ever be as good a parent/grandparent as they are?
  3. Chance--Is he working hard enough in school? Is he appreciative and making the most of the opportunities he is being given? Where will he be attending next fall and will we be able to afford to send him where he wishes to go?
  4. Chelsea--Will she ever get to play a softball game this season or will all JV games get cancelled? Will her knee stand up to the strains that athletics can put on it? Does she know how important she truly is to me?
  5. C.C.--Does he have to work as hard as he does? Do the kids and I ask too much of him? Does he know that I really do appreciate him and yes, after almost 20 years, still love him?
  6. Career--Is this where I am meant to be right here, right now? Will some of the changes being talked about for the future force me to change my mind about my job choices in the future? Will I make the right decision concerning my choices when the time comes or will I regret it?
  7. God--Have I thanked him enough for the many blessings he has blessed me with? Have I disappointed him or anyone else in my life?

Lots of questions, huh? A million and one things roaming around in this head full of air! LOL! Later, Lisa


Maria said...

Well I don't know if you're supposed to be where I am but I sure am glad that you're there!!! I see how hard you work at school and I know how hard you work elsewhere and I don't see how you do it!!!

Lana said...

Hey Lisa! I didn't know you had a blog. I enjoyed reading it. I'm adding you to my blog list!!