Sunday, June 20, 2010

Luckiest Girl in the world!

Today for Father's Day, I sent my dad an email! I know it's Father's Day and you should "tell" your dad how much you love him! Well, I did. I bought a gift, went by, hugged him, told him I loved him and spent a little time with him before I had to go to work but you know...sometimes it's hard to communicate to someone who means sooo much to you how truly blessed you are by them without gettin' all choked up and ruining it all! Hence, the email! I could write it, cry all by myself, and still let him know how very much he means to me without "ruining" it all! After it was all written, sent and "surprisingly" notice by Chelsea when she was helping him with his facebook, I thought I would share it with my blogging buddies! I wish I had a nickel for everytime someone complimented me on my dad or told me how very lucky I was to have him for a dad and granddad for my kids! I would be wealthy! So, for the many of you out there who think I take him for granted, read on!! I love my dad and try to tell him often how very much he means to me but know that no matter how many times I tell him it could never repay him for the unconditional love that he gives to so many, including his sometimes ungrateful daughter! I am the Luckiest Girl in the World because I am the daughter to the greatest man I have ever known!
Dad, wish I could find the words to tell you how very blessed I am to call you my DADDY! You have more integrity than anyone I know! I pray that I got all of your great qualities..honesty, hard-working, family-oriented, loving, and loyal. You have made an impression on more people than you will ever know! I could think of no better man to be a role model for my children and I hope that my children know how very blessed they are to have had such a remarkable man to be their Granddad! You need to know that if anyone ever asked me if I was ever loved, truly loved (faults and all), I can honestly and whole-heartedly say, "yes, my dad loves me and tells me often how very special I am and he always has thru the good times and the bad, and THAT is the greatest gift he could have ever given me!" I pray that I can be the kind of parent you have always been to me because I think that is the greatest gift I can give back to love someone, your grandchildren, so fully and without reservations, as much as you have loved me!
Oh, and to love you back with every once of being that I am!! (That's the easy one!) Happy Father's Day, Daddy! I love, love, love you! Lisa :)
p.s. see how sweet he looks with my mom in this picture!