Friday, March 27, 2009

The "Other" Parent!

Everyone seems to know my dad. He is outgoing, loud, opinionated but also, very loving, loyal, and smart. This blog , however, is not about my dad but rather this time it's about the other parent I have, MY MOM!

My mom is probably the best friend I have! As adults, she and I have traveled millions of miles and have spent endless hours together going to all sorts of ballgames, UIL competitions, and out of town birthday celebrations. She is always willing to be my co-pilot, co-conspirator, and right hand woman in all sorts of things I get myself into. She's cooked lunches for 15-20 of Chance's friends once a week all year last year, has baked an unlimited number of brownies, cupcakes, cookies, whatever my kids needed for classes, church lunches or fundraisers, bus rides, etc., and yet, never asks for anything in return. She is the world's best listener and gives genuine advice from the heart.

She has made sacrifices for my dad, my brother, me, and my children without being asked and probably more than we will ever realize. She is way stronger than we give her credit for and when she loves you, she LOVES you.

Most of you that know me know my brother Mark. This is where my mom is the most amazing woman in the world. Mark has lived at home his whole life, 42 years. My mom is his mom, his maid, his care-giver, and most importantly, his best friend. She has so much patience with him. Most of us grow up, get married, have children, then look forward to the day our teenagers leave home and come back to visit with families of their own, but Mom has been "MOM" and will be "MOM" to Mark his whole life. No romantic weekend getaways, no time by herself, no personal space and yet, you never hear her complain or question, "why me?". She has never been able to work outside of the home because of Mark, but the hours, love, and sacrifices she has put into being a mother to both Mark and I are unlimited. Her devotion to all of us has made me the mom I am. She has been the ultimate role model and if I can be just 1/2 the mom to my children (and 1/2 the grandmother to my grandchildren someday), that she has been then I will consider myself a success. Thanks MOM! You are amazing, loving, caring and the best Mother/Grandmother in the universe!! I owe you more than life itself and although I can never tell you enough, I RESPECT YOU, LOVE YOU AND AM HONORED TO CALL YOU MY MOM!


Maria said...

what a good daughter you are!!!!

Deb ;) said...

You ARE already an awesome mom, Lisa! You are also an awesome friend, and I consider myself so blessed to have you as one of my friends!

honeyma said...

I have always enjoyed visiting with your mother. She is so nice and friendly. I love it when Mark always wants to shake everybody's hand. He is sweet. You are a sweet sister, daughter, mother and friend

Amanda KP said...

how sweet!!! so true!!! love this post!!!!!!!