Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Well...She Did It!!

Yep, that's right!! Chelsea "B" got her a home run over the fence last night in Dimmitt!! YIPPEE! We were sooo excited for her. She has always been a good hitter but last night was the 1st time she has ever "PARKED" one! (Who cares if the fence wasn't quite as far as usual...I DON'T!) Ain't no one gonna take the air out of our bubble! I was yelling for the rafters, Granny was jumping up and down, and Chelsea's pearly-whites lit up the whole ball field. THIS IS her sport!! She likes volleyball and enjoys basketball and gives those sports her all when she plays them but there is just something about playing a sport you love that sends tingles down your spine and softball is her spine-tingler!!! Mine too for that matter!! LOL!
Her dad, Granddad, and brother all missed it!! That's the only disappointment of the whole ordeal! She told me to call Granddad, it was okay to call Dad, but don't call Chance!! She worships the ground that boy walks on and would do ANYTHING to make him as proud of her as she has been all of these years of him!! She wanted to be the one to tell him!! You should of heard her on the phone to him last night. (She had it on speaker phone. ) Their conversation went something like this: Chelsea: "Hey, Chance! Remember when I called you last week and told you I had hit a triple?" Chance: "yeah." Chelsea: "and remember you told me "yeah, well bet you can't hit a home run like your brother" and I said, "whatever!" well, guess what?" Chance: "You're lying, no way, your lying!" Chelsea: "I did Chance, I got one over the fence and in center field too!" Chance: "Really?, naw, you're lying!"Chelsea: "Ask mom. Huh, Mom! I hit it over the fence!" I say, "yep, she sure did!" then Chance:"That a way sissy, just like your brother! ..... I'm still better than you!" Chelsea: "We'll see! Your record was 7 home runs, right? I just need 6 more to tie!" Chance: "That was in one season. I had 10 for my career." Chelsea: "okay, 10! I still have the rest of this year and 3 more years to get 9 then!!" We all laughed, he told her good job and she beamed the rest of the way home...or at least til she fell to sleep!! LOL! Sibling rivalry...Gotta Love It!! And I'm one proud momma! Later, Lisa
(Oops! Chelsea tells me I wrote the wrong score on the ball. It was 23-6 us!)


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Whoo Hoo!! Way to go!!

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