Sunday, April 5, 2009


As many of you know, I have a 2nd job, one outside of the home and outside of the school. My husband also holds down 2 jobs and sometimes more than that with the little side jobs he does. I am responsible for a pretty good size business and am amazed at how many people in this world expect to be given something for free. No one seems to want to work for their pay and to be honest with you I am sick to death of it!! I am in charge of several employees and am amazed that they really think they can just LITERALLY show up and get paid! Don't get me wrong I do have some workers that do anything and everything I ask of them and I appreciate their dedication and try to tell them often how much I appreciate them but others.... They act as if I OWE them and should be thankful they even bothered to come! I have had to cover so many shifts lately for employees that for one reason or another can't come in when they are scheduled to be at work. I don't mind helping out if it is a legitimate reason but I also don't think I should be the only one willing to do so. My parents raised me believing that in order to ever have anything in life, you had to work for it but somewhere down the line, I think other parents have failed to teach that to their kids who are now adults! I am probably somewhat guilty of this myself but I hope with my own children I have led by example and that although I think there is a time to be a child, I also believe that there comes a day when you have to grow up and WORK for a living, not sit on your behind and wait for someone to give you something!! In order for someone to be GIVEN something, it must first be TAKEN for someone else!! I don't remember where exactly I heard that but it has stuck!!

Kids constantly give my children a hard time telling them, almost accusing them, of being RICH! Yeah, right!! Yes, we are blessed. We are rich in good health, wonderful family, lasting friendships, and good jobs but I am so tired of kids telling my children they are rich as in wealthy!! CC and I work very hard to provide for our family as do my parents, my children's grandparents! It often takes all of us! True, my children, thankfully, have nice clothes, vehicles, cell phones, etc.. but these are the things we provide for our kids by working. I look around and don't see that my children have any more really than most and believe me, there are many other things they would still like to have. My children have had things stolen from them that we have worked hard and saved up money for. I remember Chance having something of his taken by someone staying the night with him at my parent's house and when it was mentioned to that group of guys, one of the boys said after everyone swore they didn't take it and that Chance had to have lost it, I remember one of the boys saying what difference does it make if he lost it or whatever, you or Granddad will just go and get him another one.
?*!@#?! ...WHAT?

I have gotten so fed up with this attitude that I have told my own children to look at the person telling them that they are rich and ask themselves, "Do they dress as nice as I do, do they have the same things I do, and... do their parents work?" If their parents don't have jobs, then I tell my kids to tell them, "you are the RICH ones because your parents don't have to work to give you the nice things you have, but mine do!" I know that this is probably not the "Nice" thing to say but is harassing my children NICE? Is the constant grilling of them necessary? If you want your children to have what my children have, get a job! How 'bout 2 for that matter! Or teenagers get one yourself! After this weekend, I might even know of a place that could use a new employee or two. But don't come asking me for something for free because I still believe...NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE and I'm letting this post serve as the official notice that the Campbells are not wealthy just hard working!!!

AAAHHH! I feel so much better now!! Later, Lisa


honeyma said...

This is so absolutely true. It seems we are raising a generation of kids that don't like to work. Kids need to learn early in life the importance of working for what you have. The world does NOT owe them a living. The world was here first.

Maria said...

GET 'EM Lisa!!!