Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Senior Softball Monday!

As you can tell from the picture, this group of girls is all about having fun! Some of them I don't know a lot about except that it has been a blast to chase them not only in softball but also in other school activities. The two girls I don't know very well are Kaylie Ralston and Kasandra Cano. They are both beautiful young ladies that I wish I would have had gotten to know better.

The other 3 of these young ladies I know pretty well. They have been friends of my children for several years with one of them, Randa having literally grown up right in front of me.

Savanna Keys is a very talented young lady who has this infectious smile and a set of unbelievable dimples. She is outgoing and seems to get along well with just about anyone. I have yet to see a sport she didn't excel at. In order to do as well as she does, I know she has to be dedicated and work pretty darn hard. I am sure these characteristics will get her much success in the future.

Bre'Ann Cano, wow, what can I say? She is truly a delightful, beautiful young lady. I have watched her literally run with the wind, steal a basketball with a vengeance, and whack a volleyball so hard the whole gym vibrated. She is a joy to be around and has impacted my family in ways she may never know. We think she is one-of-a-kind and we will forever hold dear memories of times spent with her and cheering her on.

Randa Jeter...where do I begin? Randa first became a part of our family when she was 4. Yes, I said part of our family! Her mother, who I am happy to call one of my very best friends, worked out at the prison and Randa and her brother, Rance, would come to my house for daycare. At 4, Randa melted our hearts and at 17, she still does. She is respectful, kind, and beautiful inside and out. She is also very athletic, smart, sensitive, and ambitious! I consider her my own and would do anything for this young lady. She has been brought up in a single-parent household by a spitfire of a mother who has expected the best of her children and yet loved them beyond words. She has raised both Randa and her brother to be these two really amazing people who make a difference in so many people's lives. I wish I could find the words to do justice by this young lady! She will never fully understand how special she is to me and mine and how very blessed we are for having had the "PRIVILEGE" to be a part of her life! She is a ray of sunshine destined for great things!

God blesses those that bless others and I know for a fact that all 5 of these young ladies have blessed many people's lives with their positive attitudes and great personalities. I wish all of them the best of luck in their last home game but even more I wish them joy, happiness, success and many blessings in the years to come. It has been my pleasure, ladies! It has been my pleasure!

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Deb ;) said...

I LOVE all of these gals! Your post nearly made me cry...they have grown up too fast!