Friday, July 9, 2010

Flip off Friday!!

My friend, Maria stole this great idea from another blogger's blog and now, I'm stealing it too!! Ha! You see, I guess we all have our moments as some would say! Funny how when things aren't going so good, you automatically think...only me!! But as Maria pointed out we all have times in our life when we would just really like to give something or someone the #1 sign or the middle finger as some might say! I laughed so hard at Maria's blog tonight! She is so funny without even trying to be! Thanks for the stress reliever, Maria!
Here are my Friday flip-offs!!
My first flip off goes to those people who think some athletes are just super and yet once again the "SUPERS" left my child to be the loyal, responsible, dedicated one who in the end, shows up when she's suppose to, works hard and usually gets overlooked for that "SUPER" athlete who is nothing but a total slacker who gets everything handed to them. Since my family has dealt with them for years now, you get the double- fisted, straight up in the air, flip off! This goes to the slacker and the promoter of said slackers!
A single, one handed behind my mother's back flip off goes to that woman at Braum's yesterday who thought she was gonna talk to me like I was the ugly stepchild! Needless to say, she got a piece of my mind when she brings out these fries on a tray and I nicely tell her that they were to go. She walks off mouthing ,loud enough for the whole restaurant to hear, something about "well, she says these were to go but that isn't what is on the ticket!" I didn't give her the finger then, she has my mom to thank for that, but I quickly informed her that no one had bothered to ask me if they were for here or to go!! So there, got your finger today!!
I, too, would like to flip off all this stinkin' rain! A little bit goes a long way and we are trying to get 13 senior girls league softball players ready to play state softball in Ft. Worth and can't practice in 5 inches (a little exaggerated maybe) of mud and just how are we suppose to have fundraisers in the rain??? This is not an angered flip-off just a frustrated one!! Not near as harsh! ha!
Maria says we have to also have positives in our blog, so here are my high-fives!
A super high-five to my husband who after seeing me so upset with the way this new adventure that Chelsea and I have gotten ourselves into went Tuesday, promised to help and ACTUALLY DID! :)
Chelsea gets her own Mom high-five for being such a super daughter who continues to make me proud of her decisions in life. She is such a hard worker who puts so much into all she does!
High-five to Chance for always remembering to tell me he loves me even when I am ranting and raving! :)
I also have a co-worker at the hotel who deserves a high-five this week for going above and beyond what was asked of him to help me get ready for my Scentsy party! Kuddos Rodney!

And Maria, you and your smart blogger friend, get a high-five for this great idea! I feel stress free at this very moment and honestly, that's a first for this week!

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Maria said...

High-Five Lisa!!!!

and by the way - I'll give you two more flip off's for your superstar athlete, because we all know two flip off's isn't near enough for those kind of people!!!!!