Monday, February 2, 2009

Many things in my head today!

There are many things going around in my head today. Many things I am thinking about so this post will be here one minute and somewhere way over there the next but oh, well!

1st: Let me start by saying Chelsea has her last freshman home basketball game today. Kinda makes me sad. Her freshman year is just zooming by and after Chance, I swore I would slow down and enjoy her years more than I did his. Don't get me wrong, I loved every minute of my time chasin' him but I wanted to enjoy this time around even more! Does that make any sense? Anyway, I am very proud of the way Chelsea has uped (is that really a word, you know dictionary-wise?)her play this year. I only wish she wouldn't wait until the end of the game to turn it on and steal those basketballs!! The freshman girls have all uped their games and FINALLY know how good it actually feels to win a game or two or...five. Hopefully tonight the win column will increase by another one. Good Luck, girls!

Chance hasn't been home for two weekends in a row!! UGH! I hate it! I don't know how the mom's out there do it when they go a month or more at a time without seeing their college age kiddo. Of course, when he's home I don't see much of him either but there's just something about knowing he's here that completes me. I find myself often sadden with the thought of him being away, even if it is only Vernon.

Another thought: This is the one that jumps from way over there to way over here! But it's something I need to say so here goes...

Life throws so many curves when you are least expecting them and when that fastball comes up and hits you in the face, it makes me wonder... have I said and told everyone who's important to me how much they mean to me? I haven't told many of you how happy I am to be walking down this path they call life with you; how blessed I am. To my family and friends, you mean the world to me. C.C., Chance and Chelsea-the three of you will forever have my heart. I have had no other job(yes, sometimes it is work but the pay far exceeds what I put into it ) than that of wife and Mom and I wouldn't have it any other way! I am so very proud of you and what you have become! Mom and Dad, I couldn't have pick any better parents or grandparents for my kids than you two. Your unselfishness amazes me! I couldn't have learned better from anyone else. Mark, life would not have ever been the same without you or your prospectives. I often sit back and wonder why God picked me to get to spend my life with someone as special as you are. Your simple views on life have made me step back and realize that things aren't near as complicated unless I make them that way! Your love and support is unconditional! To my friends, whom I choose not to name for fear of leaving someone out, your continual love and support of me and mine is remarkable. You are always there to listen to me, comfort me, cry with me, or cheer me on. It seems you sometimes know even before I do what exactly I need. To the other "mom" friends who have been on the KID journey with me, man, it's been a blast! I have formed friendships with some of you that I know will last a lifetime. Great memories and fun times we will always share, and to my co-worker friends, the daily routines would have done me in long ago if it wasn't for all of you!

That's all for now! Told you I'd be here, there, and everywhere with this today! Later, Lisa

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