Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Memories of Josh

I have been wanting to blog about Josh since his accident but couldn't find the words. Now, I still am not sure what I will say or how I will say them.

I think everyone in this town has been affected by the tragic loss of Josh Ackerman. You have gone to school with him, taught him, worked with him or been touched in one way or another by this remarkable young man. Josh had this little quirky way about the way he smiled at you, the way he made you feel. He was always polite and so very smart.

I remember him sitting in the jr. high auditorium during CAT time and saying, "Awww, come on Mrs. Campbell, can't I just chew my gum for a minute more."

I remember watching him play football for the Bobcats and thinking how very talented he was.

His challenging questions in class not only improved his education but improved all of ours. There were many times when he'd state something and after class, I'd go to the internet to see if he was right and of course, he was.

He graduated with the class of 2008, my son's graduating class. Anyone who knows the kids in this group, knows how very close they all were. Having to mourn the loss of someone you sat in class with just months ago is not something that these young adults ever expected they would have to do. They each have their own memories of Josh and I know he has forever touched their lives.

For the moms of "2008", I think I am being so very truthful by saying how very heavy our hearts are for his family. We tend to get so wrapped up in the daily hustle and bustle of things that we forget how very short life can truly be. I am so guilty of forgetting how precious my children are. I want to just put my arms around them and never let go.

Josh's family made a very unselfish decision to donate his organs to save others. I know Josh would have wanted this. His giving and kind spirit will live on and I believe that this is the greatest tribute to Josh that his loved ones could have ever made!

I think his family will be amazed at the number of lives that Josh has impacted in the short time he lived. I expect large numbers at his funeral to pay their respect and to honor his memory. He was truly an amazing person and I know that I am a better person for having known him!

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Maria said...

You really do honor his memory by your beautiful words... such a sad situation.