Monday, May 18, 2009

Sports Banquet 2009

Wow! I can't believe this school year is almost over. Went to the Sports Banquet on Thursday and took some pictures. Chelsea, my Mom, and I went shopping for "the dress", jewelry, shoes, etc... about 2 weeks ago. She didn't pick the one I liked best, surprise, surprise!! She did look amazing though if I do say so myself! LOL! I can't believe that just yesterday I got to pick out what she would wear and she was sooo cute and now, she's beautiful and looks so grown up. She flip-flops between being a tomboy and a girlie-girl! I like her both ways actually. I think some day her prince will love the fact that she can dress up and wow his socks off and the next day, put on a pair of jeans, pull her hair back and bait a fishing hook with the best of 'em and enjoy herself while doing it. Someday, some guy is going to be sooo lucky! Whomever he is, he better treat her right and love her like she deserves to be loved! (or he'll have lots of us to answer to! ha!)

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