Saturday, June 6, 2009

Making Memories!

Ok, so it's been awhile. A lot of things have been going on. We've had the end of school, friends graduating, and now, we are in Austin for the state track meet. Childress had 5 athletes competing in the meet, including Bre'Ann and Dontae. They are both good friends of the kids so when the opportunity arose for us to come and cheer them on, I couldn't resist. I mean afterall, I relish any time I get to spend with my own kids. They have grown so quickly and more times than not, don't want anything to do with spending time with me. They are so busy you know. I have really enjoyed myself and think both of them have too. There hasn't been even one moment when I have thought I could actually kill them. LOL! Sometimes, smart mouths and attitudes really get on my nerves! They have even gotten along with each other. (Another miracle in itself!) We head home tomorrow. Back to the grind of everyday life again. I want to treasure these times. I want to make memories with my kids that will last a lifetime, not my lifetime, theirs. Hopefully this weekend has been one they will cherish forever. Hopefully, someday, they will tell their children about times spent with mom the way I tell them about things my parents and I have done together. Afterall, memories are really the only things in life that are priceless! It may cost to make them, but the joy you get out of reliving them last way longer than the money it took to make them!
Will post some pictures later. Chance wants his computer. Myspace is calling his name. :) Lisa

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Ginger said...

I know your kids will have lots of great memories to look back upon and to tell their children! You are a great mom and always put your kiddos first! I'm glad you had such a good time with them and am glad you got to take a small vacation and go to the track meet! Enjoy the rest of your summer!