Monday, June 29, 2009

Special visitors!

We recently had a couple of visitors to Childress. We have waited quite a while to finally get to meet them and I can honestly say we weren't disappointed. You see, Naomi and Tristan finally got to come to Childress. Tristan is Naomi's and Anthony's baby and oh, my gosh! We all fell in love with him. What a beautiful baby and how wonderfully God blessed Ant and Naomi! Naomi is a very sweet young lady and a terrific mom. We were all so very impressed! We had a wonderful time getting to know her and Tristan. If you ask me, I think Anthony is crazy if he doesn't make every effort to be in Tristan's life and if he lets this young lady walk out of his life, he's an idiot! You can see how much she cares for him and I, personally, am a little disappointed that Anthony hasn't made much effort to help her with "their" child. I could so go off on this subject but I won't. Anyway, Tristan is a doll and Naomi, beautiful. We enjoyed having them here in Childress and hope to get the chance to watch Tristan grow.

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Maria said...

Tristan is a perfect name! You know Scout is Tristan Scout! What a sweet looking baby!!