Wednesday, July 8, 2009

All-Stars 2009

Tomorrow Chelsea and about 10 of her teammates play in what could be the Area All-Star Championship Game. They have already played one game against each team in the tournament and won. They have beaten each team pretty handily and this makes me a little nervous going into tomorrow's game. You know, the big head thing!!! Anyway, she is pretty pumped about it. The team we play tomorrow will already have 1 loss, a loss against us, in the double-elimination tournament. We just need to beat them again and we are on our way to STATE in Ft. Worth the week of the 23rd.

Chelsea admitted to me today that she is a little torn about getting to go and play in Ft. Worth. You see, we are suppose to leave on vacation to Colorado that week. Fun Valley in South Fork, Colorado is "THE FAV" when it comes to my kids and she is torn. I think she is worried about letting Chance and the rest of the family down should the team make it to STATE. She, herself, has been counting down the days to Colorado and yet, she's really excited about the opportunity to get to go all the way in all-stars. I assured her we could do both, may have to take out a second mortgage on the house (LOL), but as always we will find a way. Besides, how many times in your life do you get a chance to play all-stars at the State level???? Now that's exciting!!

Anyway, we may be counting our chickens before they hatch. We have to get pass tomorrow's game with a win. Should we lose, we aren't out, we just have to play the same team on Friday and beat them then. Wish us luck!

And Chels...Hit 'em hard, swing level, throw 'em out, and give it everything you got, Girl! This may be your one and only chance and you love this game. PLAY IT!


honeyma said...

I so hope Chelsea's team wins........put me in coach, I'm ready to play......... Calor's team meets Dumas again today in Borger. It was only 105 yesterday and of course we got the sunny side, but we beat Gruver.......16-6


And they thought that was a disadvantage? :) Good luck to Calor and his team tonight!! Afraid we are all gonna melt again tonight. Wouldn't take for this time in their lives for anything though. You know!!