Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Greatest Dad/Granddad Around!

These two photos of my dad and the kids are two of my favorites! They fit him so well. Anyone who knows him knows he's outgoing, friendly, stubborn, and yet, genuinely kind. He loves unconditionally and would give the shirt off his back to just about anyone. Dad loves his family with all that he is and the love he has for my mother is unlike any other. Growing up, I was so fortunate to have him as a dad and yet took for granted so many things, especially him! He is the greatest role model and I could ask for no better one for either of my children. He has taught us all sooo many things: how to ride bikes, fish, hunt, and play ball are just a few but the one thing this man has taught me is to no longer take for granted how very blessed we all are to have him in our lives. He loves life and lives it to the fullest daily (i.e. playing goofy with Chance in picture above) but his greatest gift has been to love us, through thick and thin, in times of disappointment and achievement, and even in times we couldn't love ourselves. This Father's Day I wanted to say, "Dad, I love you for the man you are, for the heart you have, and for the fabulous Grandfather you are to your Grandkids." We are soooo very blessed by you and I wouldn't want to go through this thing they call life without you!! Thank you for being the wonderful man you are! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! You're the greatest!


Lana said...

You are right about your Dad...he is a very nice man and I bet he never meets a stranger. I first had a conversation with him in United when he was working there.....we didn't know each other at that time, but from then on, he knew me and always asked about my job and kids and such...and he still does to this day. You are very lucky to have such a Dad!!

honeyma said...

What a sweet tribute. Your dad is one of a kind. I am glad to call him friend. He never fails to say something to me every time he see me.