Sunday, September 13, 2009

Is it finally clickin'?

Wow! Seems like it has been forever since I last blogged!! I have been busy watching Chelsea play volleyball. She has been playing at least twice a week almost since school started. Her team has struggled, they have struggled since 7th grade actually. I think although there are several GOOD athletes, there are no standouts. Because several of them are on the same playing field, there are a lot of hard feelings among them when it comes to playing time or being moved up to varsity for some games and then back to jv for others. I believe this has hindered their ability to play together as a team as they have matured and better developed their abilities and skills in the game. Jealousy can be a hard pill to swallow and it is especially hard on girls! I have made this comment to many people, " I can't ever remember a time when Chance came home with stories of dislike either on his part toward someone else or against him that he had found out about." There is ALWAYS controversy when it comes to girls! I promise being a teenage girl is a much bigger challenge than being a boy. Boys duke it out and it's done and over, girls go for the juggler and if you ain't bleedin', they ain't quitin' and they have several girls to help if needed.
The team played this week in the Childress Tournament. It was nice to be able to watch these girls actually win several games. The smiles on their faces lit the whole gymnasium. Chelsea gets this desire or competitiveness, from where I don't know (yeah, right!), and she plays to win. She is always a little more bummed out than most of her teammates and is often "HOT" when the other girls come off the court laughing and making plans for after the game as soon as they have lost their behinds on the court. This week in volleyball was enjoyable for the Campbells. Winnin' may not be everything but if you don't strive to be the best then why bother??!!

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